The power of Moments. Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact. Chip Heath, Dan Heath


Една от най-изтересните книги, които прочетох / после и чух (в много добър прочит на Jeremy Bobb) през 2019-та бе The power of Moments. Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact на Chip Heath, Dan Heath. Изпълнена с реални истории, любопитни примери, лека, но не лековата, подредена и дори на моменти дидактична. Всичко споделено е подплатено с научни проучвания и доказателства.

Мисля, че книгата е доста подходяща и за хора, които искат и търсят промяна, но и за предприемачи, хора с иновативно мислене и амбиции. Ами май за много широк кръг хора е подходяща.

Извадила съм си доста цитати, ще споделя малка част от тях:

„Transitions should be marked, milestones commemorated, and pits filled. That’s the essence of thinking in moments.“

„There’s nine times more to gain by elevating positive customers than by eliminating negative ones.“

„Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear—not absence of fear.“

„Close your eyes. Call up the face of someone still alive who years ago did something or said something that changed your life for the better. Someone who you never properly thanked; someone you could meet face-to-face next week. Got a face? Your task is to write a letter of gratitude to this individual and deliver it in person. The letter should be concrete and about three hundred words: be specific about what she did for you and how it affected your life. Let her know what you are doing now, and mention how you often remember what she did.“

Допълнителна бележка към себе си: moments of pride.

Да, силно препоръчвам.


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