покана за младите предприемачи: European Young Innovators Forum

innopitch_2-01European Young Innovators Forum е европейски конкурс, който дава шанс на млади иноватори, предприемачи и хора с креативни бизнес идеи, които са започнали или желаят да започнат собствен бизнес

nnoPitch offers all young Europeans to present their startups to a highly respected judging panel composed of Carlos Eduardo ESPINAL from Seedcamp, Anne GLOVER from Amadeus Capital and Matthias UMMENHOFER from European Investment Fund. Startups and individuals with innovative ideas need to apply online with their video pitch before 18th May 2013. The 6 best ones will be invited to come to Brussels on 6 and 7 June where they will participate in a one-to-one feedback session with Carlos Espinal and they will pitch their ideas live in front of the above mentioned judging panel and the entire Unconvention audience including investors, industry experts, policy makers, thought leaders, journalists and young innovators. European Young Innovators Forum will pay for their accommodation expenses and they will also receive free VIP passes to the Unconvention.

подробности – тук http://unconvention.eu/innopitch-2013

успех на всички, които се престрашат. а не е страшно, хайде!

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