Brave and creative – Hristo Rusev. So, what is needed to be a good photo journalist


Hristo Rusev is young Bulgarian photo journalist and a friend of mine. He is just 23 and already has his shots published in National Geographic, The Guardian, Associated press! Here is a short interview with him on his work.

Photo journalism – how did Hristo end up with it?
Hristo Rusev: I do photography for more than 9 years. In the beginning I did not like taking pictures of people, because I didn’t know how to frame the image, but for 5 years already photojournalistic is not only a passion for me, but a way of life. A way I represent the world through my lens. I like to show the truth and problems to our society. Yeah, it’s hard, but it’s worth the final result. It’s always hard to face other people pain, their problems, it’s hard to walk in their shoes and experience their sufferings, but it’s always worth it. When at the end you see these people smiled, and when they give you a hug you feel the cause to be a photojournalist. I love my profession and for me a day without taking a single picture is lost.

What is the most rewarding thing about photo journalism for yourself?
Hristo Rusev: The biggest reward a photojournalist could gain is justice. The moment you succeeded to change someone’s life or even you’ve made someone smile after publishing a certain material.
I believe, that we could change the world and make it better and we contribute for the solution of some problems. It`s worth it to give it a try.

Do you know your next destination and who is the next president you’ll photograph?
Hristo Rusev: I still do not know my next destination, but I hope to be exciting and unforgettable journey, with many new people to meet and, of course taken moments and stories, presented by my camera. I don`t have any plans for traveling until the end of the year, but in our field events happen every day and I won’t be surprised if after few days I am in Paris, Bangkok or why not Rio de Janeiro or Pretoria. I love challenges and I’m always ready to travel and take pictures of today’s occasions. The next president? Why not Donald Trump? When I look at the President’s collection I’ve gathered, may be one of my future projects will be with documentary photographs of powerful president around the world, and personal interviews with them, of course.

What is the most important element for your work?
Hristo Rusev: The most important element? The most important element in my job is patience, I think. You must be patient, because you never know, when something very important will happen. Many colleagues, who are more experienced prefer to leave earlier, and exactly at that moment something important occurs. For me, you need to be patient, to be stubborn, to be able to work in any conditions or even without a sleep, but before everything you must be a human.

To Hristo Rusev’s blog.

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